Version 1.5 - 8/19/2020

MAST Version 1.5

Changes and Additions:

  • Added a Grid Snap button to the Build toolbar and removed the Snap to Grid option from Settings.
  • Prefab Creator tool:
    • Combined steps 1 (Find Models) and 2 (Find Materials) into a single step.
    • Added a third mesh combine option that merges any child meshes that share the same parent.  Otherwise, it will retain the original model's hierarchy.
    • All meshes are now saved within each Prefab instead of as a separate file.
  • Build Grid:
    • Grid toggle now shows the current grid level number when hovered.  Grid Up and Down also show level number it will change to.
  • Randomizer (Thanks Stanley Bishop for the help!):
    • Renamed rotation to rotation step for clarity.
    • Added rotation minimum and maximum, to limit rotation amount.
    • Expanded Prefab replacement system to avoid repeats and allow weighting.
    • Added prefab flipping for each axis.
  • Placement Raycast:
    • This new feature will let you determine the placement point by raycasting from the mouse position on the grid.  Easily place trees and other non-modular props directly onto the ground, ceiling, or any other surface.
    • You can specify the raycast start offset and direction, allowing a lot of customization.
    • This is not really a greeble tool, since the Prefab rotation is not affected.  An actual greeble tool will be added in a later version of MAST.
  • MAST Prefab Component:
    • Added all the new Randomizer changes.
    • Added the new placement raycast changes.
    • Renamed class to MAST Prefab Settings.
    • Renamed variable names and updated tooltips for clarity.
  • Universal Render Pipeline Support:
    • Created custom shaders for the grid, eraser, and paint area materials.  They can be found in the MAST/Etc folder.  Simply drag the URP version of the shaders onto the materials to make MAST display correctly in the URP.
    • Renamed files in MAST/Etc for clarity.
  • Many internal changes to MAST scripts:
    • Rearranged script hierarchy to be more logical.
    • Added namespaces to match the new hierarchy and renamed scripts/classes accordingly.
    • Various code structure improvements.

Bug Fixes:

  • Thumbnails are now generated correctly for models that are offset from world center.  (Thank you to pryankster for the fix!)
  • Placement:
    • The parent destination GameObject is now tracked via a custom tag instead of name.  Now you can have multiple parent GameObjects with the same name and MAST will always reference the correct one.
  • Prefab Creator tool:
    • Fixed a mesh naming issue when preserving model hierarchy.  When containing multiple branches, they will no longer have missing meshes.
    • Implemented several improvements for prefab creation speed and mesh efficiency.
  • Merge Meshes tool:
    • When meshes being combined resulted in over 65535 vertices, the combined mesh would be cut off and distorted.  Changed the mesh index format to 32 bit, supporting meshes containing up to 4 billion vertices. (Thanks Delamore!)
  • Project Build Errors:
    • Fixed issue with classes not being properly wrapped in an editor only test statement, causing the project not to compile. (You must delete the entire MAST/Scripts folder, then install MAST v1.5)
  • MAST no longer slows down your compile time.  This isn't really a bug fix, but something I should have done from the beginning.  Added an assembly definition file into the MAST/Scripts folder so Unity will only recompile MAST when a change is made directly to it.
  • MAST now remembers the last used Prefab and Material paths as a project path, and not an absolute path.
  • When clicking a prefab in the palette with the eraser tool selected, MAST now properly changes to the draw single tool.


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