Version 1.4 - 5/31/2020

5/31/2020 - Version 1.4

Changes and Additions:

  • In order to accommodate new features, MAST now uses tabs for: Build, Paint, Settings, and Tools.
  • Added the material painter.  This is on the 2nd tab at the top of the MAST window.  It uses the same palette interface as the current prefab Placement window.
    • The Paint Material tool replaces whatever material you click on a GameObject with the one selected in the palette.
    • The Restore Material tool reverts any material you click on a GameObject back to the original prefab material.
    • The Loads Materials icon sets the root folder for the materials in the palette.
  • Added the folder selection popup "dropdown" above the palette.  It will display "All Prefabs" as well as every subfolder in the prefab folder you selected.  Change the folder and only the prefabs in that folder will be shown.  The material painter palette also uses this same type of popup.
  • Added the assembly creator "kit-bashing" tool.  It allows you to create prefabs from selected objects in your scene, also allowing you to choose which GameObject to use as the anchor.  The anchor will be positioned at 0,0,0 when the assembly is saved.
  • Redesigned the backend of the prefab palette.  It now saves all prefabs in a subfolder inside each prefab folder.  It will only create thumbnails for new prefabs.  This means that MAST now loads the palette much faster and no longer breaks when switching scenes.
  • The prefab creator can now combine meshes in each prefab during creation, or it can "still" preserve model hierarchy (parent/child) relationships which also keeps the meshes separated.  This option is on the last step of the Prefab Creator.
  • Hiding the grid now deselects the active draw tool and selected prefab, so the unplaced prefab will no longer appear in the center of the scene.
  • You can now place objects while under the grid.

Bug Fixes:

  • Paint Area Tool:
    • Offsets are now used as defined in Settings or the MAST Prefab Component.
    • Correctly applies Prefab rotation when scaling.
  • When using any X/Z Unit Size other than 1, the prefab anchor is no longer offset incorrectly from the nearest grid position to the mouse pointer.  Thanks to Face for posting this fix on Discord!
  • Fixed Unity layout bug crashes due to serialization timing issues.


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Jun 01, 2020

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