Version 1.3 - 3/22/2020

3/22/2020 - Version 1.3

Changes and Additions:

  • Replaced the old prefab creator.  The new creator has its own window and breaks the process into several steps.  This allows materials to be managed before the prefabs are ever created.  Also fixed all known bugs in it.  Tested with models in OBJ and FBX formats created in several modeling tools.
  • Created a grid that doesn't react badly with post processing effects.  The tint can be customized in MAST Settings under the GUI tab.
  • Removed transparency from the visualizer.  It was causing issues with custom shaders.

Bug Fixes:

  • Paint Area tool:
    • Height was incorrectly using the XZ Unit Size.  Corrected this to use the Y Unit Size.
    • Paint Area x/z was hardcoded to 1f.  Updated this to use the XZ Unit Size.

  • Placement:
    • Prefab link is no longer broken when placing prefabs with MAST.  This way, any changes to to the main prefab will change all instances of that prefab in the scene.  (Thanks Jushiip for the fix!)
  • Hotkeys:
    • Hotkeys will no longer be triggered twice or more times after going to fullscreen and back.  This was causing the grid to move by multiple units and rotations to skip steps.  (Thanks DustedHam for the fix!)
  • Thumbnail Generation:
    • Transparent materials were not being rendered.  Changed the background to a 25% transparency so they show up somewhat and still allow the selection background to be visible.
  • Merge Meshes tool:
    • Now properly combines/merges meshes containing submeshes with different materials.  The final GameObject contains a single mesh with all materials merged.  Anything flagged to exclude from the merge will still be added separately.


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Mar 22, 2020

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Thanks everyone!  Still have huge things planned for the future but working on an actual pay model kit right now.  It's taking forever, but should be out sometime this year hehe.  The new MAST screenshots are showing some of the models.


Awesome work, good to see this update live!


Great update! Thanks for the credit as well!