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A low-poly set of models used to create terrain.  It is formatted for AssetForge for easy assembly, but they can be imported directly into Unity and assembled as well.  This pack has been recently expanded and now includes grass/hilly, escarpment, cliff, beach, and cave/mine terrain and prop models.

Use MAST in Unity for free to assemble this model kit.  Copy the models into a new folder in Unity, open the MAST tools menu and click "Create Prefabs from Models".  Then load the Prefabs into MAST's palette:  https://fertile-soil-productions.itch.io/mast

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modular_terrain_collection.zip 932 kB

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Hi this is a good asset for my game. I have permission to use it and I will include you in the scene credits


If you're asking permission, there's no need.  This is CC0 public domain.  Use however you wish.

Hello! I am currently having an issue importing this set to AssetForge. It seems it can not load properly the kit, as it can not create thumbnails. For reference, your kit Modular House Collection works perfectly on my end, and I am using Asset Forge 2.3.0. Do you know what I could be doing wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help, and thanks a lot for your work!

Hi, do you still have issues with this pack and Asset Forge? Asking because I'm considering buying Asset Forge just for this pack. Looking for something that can help me creating environment I need for my project.

Hi, yeah the import is still stuck on my end. I couldn't find anyone reporting it, tho. But it's still a great software, I recommend you get it.

AssetForge is probably generating thumbnails looking at the back of the models which wouldn't work with backface culling on.  I spoke with Kenney about creating a mode that turned off backface culling specifically for this kit since it was annoying the use while placing the models and looking at them from the wrong side, but I don't remember it not generating thumbnails correctly.  I don't remember testing this kit with AssetForge 2, however, and maybe the thumbnails are generating from the opposite side now which wouldn't render.  As far as the other kits, I built them as blocks which was less efficient by far, but easier to place.

Thank you so much for your time and your answer!

Is there perhaps a way to overcome this on my end? Maybe by reimporting manually the objects through Blender, or with a solution like this?

Kind regards.

If I'm correct that it's a camera orientation issue, then if AssetForge 2 supports generating thumbnails from the other side, that'd be the quickest solution.  Otherwise, you can always rotate the models 180 in Blender, or use some mass model manipulation tool that'll do it more quickly.

Hello just got all the assets into Blender and split it up.  looks great just got one question if I animate and make a few prefab sets and some extra objects can I  reupload it to Itch again? so others can use it 

Technically you can since they are CC0 but it's considered bad form to also upload unmodified pieces with them.  I would ask that you create a kit of only the pieces you modified, animated, or have to be included for the prefabs to function, and provide a link to this kit for the rest.

As idea: i would like to see in the future a modular sci-fi environment pack in a similar style

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What is the license?

Is it like kenney license? (Free tu use - attribution not required but appricated)

CC0 Public Domain

ok - thank you

i cannot assemble the waterfall correctly.

do you have a sample (for assetforge or unity or wathever else) ?

Not for the free pack.  Sorry.  The waterfall has a top and middle portion, each with left right and center.  For the cliff section, there's a left, right, and center for the waterfall top as well.. Everything should be named appropriately.

it seems that my problem is because the waterfall parts (water) are 0.2 unit to hight

thank you for sharing the value :)

i have the same issue. (nothing "game"-breaking ;) )

How did you light your scenes when making your screenshots? I'm currently playing around with some of your assets in Godot and I'm having trouble recreating the vibrant colors and soft shadows you achieved. Also, thank you for all your excellent work Keith! :)


I used Normal directional light + Gradient-based global lighting + Post processing effects for ambient occlusion and color grading.  I recommend downloading Unity, creating a new project, add the post processing package, and then import the modular terrain 2.0 kit.  That way you can see the lighting I use in more detail.

Awesome, I'll give that a try!


Do you have some samples scenes for assetforge (like in your screenshots ?)

Unfortunately I do not.

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Hi Keith, great pack I'm struggling with the cliff/cave entrances a bit in how to fit the entrance to the cave, just wondering if you have any tips (I'm sure people would benefit from a video of an environment being assembled)?

I've been experimenting in MAST and asset forge. Looking forward to see your paid MAST packs, especially if they are similar to this.

Another comment I would have for ease of use is to split the props from the ground objects either by a prop prefix or separate folders.

Thanks, Martin.

Edit: Reading below the normals might be reversed on at least one of entrances, was thinking that myself but didn't want to assume being a newcomer to unity.

Oh another idea I had to help people learn how to put the parts together is to post an example asset forge project or unity scene, such as the one in your screenshots.

Yes.  Normals are flipped on the cave top corner.  I've been meaning to fix it.  The kit in general isn't user friendly for the caves in general.  You should really create some assemblies in MAST with premade sections.  As far as creating samples or tutorials, I'm not going to be dedicating any more time to this kit.  The new modular terrain kit will be much easier to assemble whenever it gets finished.

Great will dig deeper in mast and looking forward to seeing the new kit.

so this is only for unity? i use and engine called Coppercube 6.

They can be used in any engine that supports obj files with multiple materials.

Hey! I'm trying to create a waterfall like the one you have in the images. I'm struggling though:

- Is there any part to put behind the waterfall itself so you cannot see from the sides?

- Which is the water piece that matches the "top" part of the waterfall, if I want to make a river to it?

The parts are amazing. I'm using MAST in Unity, perfect once you get a bit of practice with it. Thanks!

if you are the person who contacted me on my discord server, I've responded.

I would like to download this pack right now, though I would also like to do so via paying you. I don't have anything to donate atm so I was wondering,If I were to download this right now, where could I donate/pay you later once I have more than a few bucks on me?

Yep.  As long as you visit the page directly instead of going through your owned assets link.  I will also have a new "textured" terrain kit coming out soon that will be pay, so you may want to wait for that.

can u use this for ue4


im makin a game


Yes, but you'll have to increase the scale when importing.  My target platform was Unity

is this just for unity? looks impressive. I would like to use this asset for UE4.

It's just obj models, so you can use it anywhere.  I do know you have to scale the models when importing into unreal, by 100 I think.


are they separate or connected into one scene. Like a demo file or something. I'm terrible at setting up environments. Heh.

Modular block style pieces.  Use something like Assetforge to assemble them quickly


I love the work and the art stile - Do you know of other assets which fit into your stile? 

I consider builder a small RPG with your assets (have not bought yet) but need to find some chars first. 

I have seen kenney.nl 3d chars - but they are a bit tooo square for my taste.

I don't know of any off hand.  I'm an environment artist only currently.

Just found this asset myself and reading through the comments. If you or anyone else is looking for characters I think the polygon series from synty studios would work well.

Could I use any of the modular packs in commercial projects? I was looking for some assets and these look pretty nice for what I might want.

yes.  I didn't put any restrictions on them.

Hiya. Thanks for updating this excellent pack, the textures on the cliff walls line up perfectly now!

You may want to check the normals on all the models. I found at least one that had them reversed - Cave_Cliff_Terrain_Entrance_Round_Base.obj

I'll get it fixed.  I'd like to see what you're making with them.


Hey, nice pack. I appreciate a lot content creators that make incredible packs, like this one, and share it free. It's a pretty good incentive for people that are starting in this game dev world and don't have much money, even to study. Thanks.

About the AssetForge. It's a software that make easier to get these pieces together? Like, I've tried on Unity and it's a bit... boring ( :v )

Yeah.  Assetforge pieces models together and let's you export them as a scene or complex object.  I think you can use meshmixer and blender to make the exports more efficient for use.  Assetforge is here: https://kenney.itch.io/assetforge.  It's about 30 USD at the base price.

I see. Well, don't have the money, I'll handle myself on Unity xD, thanks again.

No problem.  If someone makes a good tool in Unity to put together modular kits like this and supports multiple tiers, let me know!

heads up, learn a basic workflow to import content into blender, assemble and export to unity. It's free and it'll take you a day or so to learn, but it'll literally save you hours each time you need to work with new content.

All the scenes you see were assembled in Assetforge in a few hours.  I put together 4 separate environments.

How can you create such a game

I use the Progrids unity asset which is an official unity asset to assemble these models into complete gameobjects in unity, it allows snapping to grids of any size.


Hi! I love your work, I would love to use your assets in my game, is that okay? I will of course link you in the credits.

Thank you! Nice work man!

Of course.  They're CC0, so credit isn't required, but it is definitely appreciated.

These are so cute! I love the cat tails a Lot. Do you use blender? 


Thanks for the compliments 😀!  I don't use Blender.  I stick with solid object modeling in MOI.  I have played around in Bforartists though.

Hi Keith, it is a great asset.  However, I have a problem when importing the models to Smile Game Builder engine. The models load fine, but the textures don't. It says:
"It contains no texture/material. You need to apply UV Mapping with PNG format."

"You cannot use multiple materials for one model."

Do you know how to overcome this?

Thanks in advance^^

Ouch!  Well, I definitely use multiple materials for my models.  It sounds like the error message pretty much states that my models will be incompatible.

My apologies.  I designed these mostly for Assetforge and Unity and have not tested them on any other platforms.

Thanks for the reply Keith. Knowing that it is also for Assetforge I thought It's also for SGB as most SGB users say Assetforge is compatible for SGB. Still I could use it for my unity project. Thanks again.

After a little research I found that you can split a mesh by material in many 3D modeling programs, including Blender.  You can then export each material separately.

That means you would assemble in Assetforge, then use something like Blender afterwards to take Assetforge export and generate a model file for each material.  I saw a few videos on this as well.

It may also be possible to generate a png file from the materials and have the model material assignments replaced with uv mapping coordinates.  This one I've seen forum posts on, but haven't looked for a plug-in for doing it.

Good luck.

Wow, Thanks for this useful info. I'll look into it. Thanks

When i use these assets in Unreal Engine 4 they come in extremely small and i have to enlarge each prop for about a minute in ue4

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UE4 uses Unreal Units, with is measured as 1 UU = 1 centimeter.

I use standard units which is in meters.  This is a standard used by Unity and Assetforge and lines up to their natural snap settings, but it causes the models to be 1/100th the size in UE4.

You can use Blender or some other 3D modeling package to scale the models 100 times larger and export them, or something like Spin 3D which I think can bulk scale them all at 1 time.

free for commercial use?