Small update

This is a small update, including a few models I've tinkered with over the last few months.

New Models:

  • Cliff_Terrain_Side_Falloff_Center
  • Cliff_Terrain_Side_Falloff_Edge
  • Escarpment_Terrain_Side_Falloff_Center
  • Escarpment_Terrain_Side_Falloff_Edge
  • Hilly_Prop_Tree_Oak_4
  • Hilly_Terrain_Hill_Corner_Inner_3x3
  • Hilly_Terrain_Hill_Corner_Outer_3x3
  • Hilly_Terrain_Path_Corner_Inner_3x3
  • Hilly_Terrain_Path_Corner_Outer_4x4
  • Hilly_Terrain_Path_Esse_2x3
  • Shared_Prop_Boulder_6

Modified Models:

  • Hilly_Prop_Tree_Oak_1  (Flared out the trunk base)
  • Hilly_Prop_Tree_Oak_2  (Flared out the trunk base)
  • Hilly_Prop_Tree_Oak_3  (Flared out the trunk base)
  • Hilly_Terrain_Hill_Corner_Inner_4x4  (Redesigned for consistency)
  • Hilly_Terrain_Hill_Corner_Outer_4x4 (Redesigned for consistency)

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Apr 07, 2019

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