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Thank you for this amazing asset! :) Btw, is there anyway I can get the example scene you use on the screenshots?

it's in Assetforge 1.3 so it won't load into 2.0 preview

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Is it a unity scene? I'm trying to recreate it in Unity by watching your preview video, because I love the layout and design so much

I think I still have the original Assetforge 1.3 file if you download the older version.  Won't be able to get it to you right away.

Thank you so much :) will be so glad to get it :)

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Hi thanks a lot for the assets. Used some of them for this game under development:


Thanks for sharing!  That looks great btw

Hi, I published a game in development that uses these assets. They are really beautiful.

Awesome man!  Thanks for sharing.  It made my morning =)

Can I have zip folder with texture?

These are untextured.

But some pillars and roofs have texture bec my game maker remove textures

There are no textures.  I modeled some patterns to look like textures only.

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Are these models optimised? Just would like to know and if not, is there any way I could get some sort of .blend  save files so I can edit or optimise them.

They aren't optimized or uvmapped.  I didnt create these in blender so no blend files.  You can import these into Blender, however.

Ok. Thanks for the reply. I'll probably look at these in Blender and see if I can optimise them :)

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Can I use these in a multiplayer FPS project of mine? Love the style by the way.


Of course!  They're public domain.  I hate to see all the puzzle pieces go to waste though lol


I love those models! Could you make some viking or asian assets?


I haven't attempted either style before.  I will look into it.

Hey, would you mind if I used these assets for a class project? 


Of course not!  They're public domain so no restrictions on how they're used.  I would like to see screenshots of how you use them if you wouldn't mind sharing. I'm on Twitter or the Pixeland discord server.

Oh, we haven't started yet. We're learning to make 3d First Person Narrative games and needed to find public domain assets. I came across this set and found them very interesting, even shaping what kind of story I could write.

These assets are absolutely beautiful, really well made ^^

Thanks much :)