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A collection of low-poly 3D structural models themed as a temple or palace.  These are designed as modular pieces that can be assembled in tools like AssetForge or Unity.  This collection contains 213 models in .obj format.  They all share a single .mtl file.

Use MAST in Unity for free to assemble this model kit.  Copy the models into a new folder in Unity, open the MAST tools menu and click "Create Prefabs from Models".  Then load the Prefabs into MAST's palette:  https://fertile-soil-productions.itch.io/mast


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modular_temple_collection.zip 827 kB

Development log


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Thanks for this.  Works great.  Game I made based on these assets: https://svermeulen.itch.io/persian-prince-and-the-time-vortex

Looks nice but couldnt use it due to no demo scene and no mast on old unity.

MAST should work fine on all versions of Unity.  No demo, but things snap together pretty obviously.

MAST is "2019.3.5 or higher" in my inspector asset store and Im stuck with Unity 2017 :| Anyway I'm ok thanks for the answer.

Np.. I am curious, however.  Did you actually try MAST on Unity 2017?  I'm almost positive it would work without any issues.

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Yes I tried, had to download unitypackage since asset store asks for unity 2019 to allow download.
Then I got errors including "not part of C# 4.0 language" and others "UnityEditor.PrefabUtility' does not contain GetCorrespondingObjectFromSource / SaveAsPrefabAsset".

Could debug some but not the ones including PrefabUtility. I don't ask for help with this, should be resolved wth new up to date computer coming one day :V

Ty for the feedback.  Didn't realize.  I thought I had tested it back that far, but it has been a while.


How do I make a tower? Not entirely sure what parts to use to fit the tops

hi can this be used in roblox studio?

Pretty sure they can.  Just standard wavefront obj models.


Thanks for the assets, it really looks good. But you should put a example scene with textured meshes with it, because now i just have a folder full of .obj files and i'm pretty lost, a unity scene example would be really cool !

I made these before I knew what I was doing regarding presentation.  The stages were all created in AssetForge, rather than MAST back then.  I may revisit these, create actual prefabs and demo scenes for Unity.  I doubt I will texture them, however, not for a free pack.  It's rather time consuming.

Thank you for the asset, it's beautiful

These look beautiful! do you have any resources on making my own assets in this style of modular-ness? I've dabbled in creating modular environmental assets like this before but have had trouble planning things out so they fit together nicely

I create, delete, and recreate until they look right and work geometrically as modular assets.  I also have tons of archived failed attempts to make the packs on here.  Lastly, I use moment of inspiration which is more CAD-like.  It allows me to build in exact numbers more easily, something very important in modular design.


Can't get material to work i go to tool->prefab creator window-> which creates the prefabs but material folder i load in loads grey materials...13 grey materials... idk what I'm doing wrong.

Sounds like something was done to the models after importing that removed material data.  I would recommend deleting the models in your Unity project, then dragging the models directly from the folder into your unity project and try again.  I've imported this collection successfully.  Also, this is a MAST question.  Might be better in forum for that tool or on the Discord server.

thanks for the quick response I did just that and it works now, thanks!

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oh my gosh i cant believe i just found this amazing model... is it possible i can sue this in a project of mine? i will leave credit etc 

credit not required but appreciated.

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lol i wont "sue" you omg lol my typing be saying other things... XD


Beautiful! Could you clarify the license? Are they creative commons? If so which one?


CC0.  I've been answering this question a lot.  I really need to update all these packs with a license file

Awesome, thank you!

Did you know that on itch you can set a project's license under MetadataRelease info? That way it will show up on the project page under More information.

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I did this before I wrote MAST so the scene was put together in AssetForge.  This means that everything is one FBX file, and doesn't show the individual blocks.

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Deleted 10 days ago

Hit me up on my Discord:  https://discord.gg/eMKJ5U5


I'm working on procedural temple generation with use of your assets :) So far results are great and I'm working hard on adding more procedural elements.

Thanks for making this awesome asset! :D


awesome!  Can't wait to see more


Thank you for this amazing asset! :) Btw, is there anyway I can get the example scene you use on the screenshots?

it's in Assetforge 1.3 so it won't load into 2.0 preview

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Is it a unity scene? I'm trying to recreate it in Unity by watching your preview video, because I love the layout and design so much

I think I still have the original Assetforge 1.3 file if you download the older version.  Won't be able to get it to you right away.

Thank you so much :) will be so glad to get it :)

Find me on Discord https://discord.gg/fkQRb9


Hi thanks a lot for the assets. Used some of them for this game under development:



Thanks for sharing!  That looks great btw


Hi, I published a game in development that uses these assets. They are really beautiful. https://tylercross.itch.io/nwa-nkita


Awesome man!  Thanks for sharing.  It made my morning =)

Can I have zip folder with texture?

These are untextured.

But some pillars and roofs have texture bec my game maker remove textures

There are no textures.  I modeled some patterns to look like textures only.

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Are these models optimised? Just would like to know and if not, is there any way I could get some sort of .blend  save files so I can edit or optimise them.

They aren't optimized or uvmapped.  I didnt create these in blender so no blend files.  You can import these into Blender, however.

Ok. Thanks for the reply. I'll probably look at these in Blender and see if I can optimise them :)

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Can I use these in a multiplayer FPS project of mine? Love the style by the way.


Of course!  They're public domain.  I hate to see all the puzzle pieces go to waste though lol


I love those models! Could you make some viking or asian assets?


I haven't attempted either style before.  I will look into it.

Hey, would you mind if I used these assets for a class project? 


Of course not!  They're public domain so no restrictions on how they're used.  I would like to see screenshots of how you use them if you wouldn't mind sharing. I'm on Twitter or the Pixeland discord server.

Oh, we haven't started yet. We're learning to make 3d First Person Narrative games and needed to find public domain assets. I came across this set and found them very interesting, even shaping what kind of story I could write.


These assets are absolutely beautiful, really well made ^^


Thanks much :)