Initial Launch Notes

This is my "experimental" modular space-themed block collection.  It's designed specifically for Assetforge.  At release there are 95 blocks.

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Feb 03, 2019

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These are the most perfect ships I've yet to find, and I've been looking a long time. If only I were building a game and not a comic! LOL

thanks for the compliment!

Whats the license on this?

CC0 Public Domain.  Use any way you want.  No attribution necessary.

Wow, amazing. Thank you sooo much for your work. Now i need to buy Asset Forge haha, would you recommend it for 2D Sprite creation? What size are the sprites exported?

The sprite size is adjustable.  I definitely recommend AssetForge.  A new version will be coming out soon.  Kenney's going to be going through a series of mini releases until 2.0 is finally completed.

Yeah i have seen you can select "small" "medium" and "large" but what size are those? 64,128,256, etc

large is 1024x1024.  No issues with high quality exports.