Initial Release

Finally completed the new modular terrain kit I had been working on intermittently over the last year.  I designed this with Unity in mind, but I included the original FBX files and Blender source for anyone to use how they will.  I plan on recreating my modular village and temple kits to be compatible with the new modular terrain.  I will also be creating a new fortress kit as well as minigolf and racekart track eventually.  I was hesitant to put a larger price tag, but I put a lot of work into creating a lot of quality material for game designers to use for actual games, not just prototyping.  I hope this doesn't put anyone off, and I do still plan on releasing free kits intermittently, but my skill level and knowledge has improved to the point that things are more involved and have progressed past the point of being a hobby.  Happy game designing!

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Feb 02, 2021

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awesome asset

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Thanks =)