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Is there a reason why there is no prefabs folder in the downloaded archive? I was able to create them through MAST, but I would've liked to use the assemblies as well.

That said, also the example scenes seem to be missing.

Sounds like a partial package import.  The models are in FSP/Modular Pixel Forest

Sorry, it was my fault, I hadn't imported the unitypackage (I'm new to unity).

Do you have any buildings or suggestions that fit this. Looks great!

I have an updated village collection I'm working on similar to my free one but updated like this kit was.  I don't have an ETA.

Great to hear. Do you have your assets elsewhere or just here on itch?

Is this version compatible with asset forge?

somewhat.  Assetforge doesn't import textures/uvmaps and generates it's own instead.  That's one of the reasons I created MAST

Such an awesome asset pack. Thank you!

Any chance the shaders will be updated for URP in the future?

Thanks again!

There is a chance!  I don't know for sure, yet.  I will be releasing a village pack 2.0 pack meant to work with this pack and I may create all the alternate shaders then.

That would be awesome!!!

Thank you for creating this!! I just purchased it on the Unity store and I will give u feedback once I try it. :)

hope you will have more buildings/interior assets in the future. I really like the style you produce.

thank you =). I do have a kit in the works I hope to have released this year.

holy crap this is so impressive, imma consider buying this when I have the money, I actually need this so bad

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Thank you so much for this fantastic pack, it's perfect for what I need and I'm so glad I stumbled upon it. This, along with your MAST tool, has made my world design so much quicker and I look forward to sharing some screenshots with you soon.

I have a quick question... I don't want my player to be able to fall off the cliffs so I added tall, thin, box colliders to the edge of the clifftop prefabs. These work fine for individually placed cliff objects but when I use the merge meshes tool to group the cliff elements together the box colliders don't seem to be included in the merged object.  Is there a way around this or could you suggest a method that would work please? Thanks in advance.

First off, thank you for the wonderful compliments, about this kit and MAST!  As far as the merge mesh feature in MAST, I'm aware of this and a few other bugs, and it is eventually getting a major redesign.  You can report any other bugs at

Does this work with AssetForge?

Partially.  All of the models are in FBX format and the original Blender file is included.  However, as the description says, I use triplanar and other shaders for terrain and water.  Also, AssetForge currently ignores all uvmapping and just generates it's own, which means you would have to stick with solid color shading which should work for almost all models.  Lastly, AssetForge is really meant for putting blocks together to make other objects.  Kenney has made it very clear that it's not intended for assembling major scenes.

If you are using Unity, you can use the Modular Asset Staging Tool (MAST) that I mentioned in the description.  It's completely free.  A full Unity package is included in Modular Terrain 2.0 with everything already in prefabs, tons of more advanced assemblies of the models, and 3 sample scenes.  Also, the prefabs have MAST scripts attached that will tell MAST how to handle them (i.e. Randomizations that swap out trees/rocks/etc, rotate, flip, and scale them, without deforming them badly, Raycasts that make sure props are placed flush to the terrain, and specifications that tell MAST how the should rotate and be placed to fit perfectly.)  A lot of work was put into making this kit easy to put together.  I even added colors to the parts of the models that won't be visible, to show what should match with what.

I know this answer was much more than you asked about, but I wanted to leave this information up for anyone else who may have a question about these other things.

Thanks for the fast reply! What you're saying makes sense. My use case is I have a 2D game, but I want to use 3D assets to generate the sprites. What I like about Asset Forge makes it super simple to throw an object on the screen and export 2D sprites. Actually in my case I'm probably sticking to solid color shading so I think this might work well. Otherwise I guess I can just pull things into Unity and find some scripts to help automate exporting to 2d sprite. thanks!