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Hi! This is a great asset <3 Just wondering if I can use this asset in a game which will go to crowdfunding.

Of course!  I didn't place any limitations on this collection.

That's great. <3 In first place I will make simple mechanics for the game and launch a demo. Later, the history mode goes to crowdfounding. The game can have a price?

This will be my first game, so it will takes me much time :P

Thanks in advance for your reply.

There are absolutely NO limitations on how you use these models.  You can charge whatever you want.  You can modify them freely.  You dont even have to credit me.  If you feel like it, you can donate to me for them, but that's 100 percent voluntary.

Good luck on your first game, btw =)

thank you very much .. I would like to use it also

My answer stays the same.  Use them how you will!  I retain no rights.

Noice. Thanks for sharing your work again.


Nevah!  Kenney can't be replaced.

Very cartoony but I like it! If you continue making such awsome assets for free you'll become the new kenney!