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How can i do it in blender 

You can import the files into Blender.  They're just OBJ's


uau, incrível estava procurando esses assets para meu game obrigado !


I'm happy they work for you!

It’s beautiful, I love it ! Congratulations to you !  Is it possible to put it on Unreal or is it only with Unity, please ?
Thank you in advance for your response.


The models are in OBJ format so should be compatible.  You'll probably just have to scale them up on import.

Good morning. I can use your packages 
in my paid game? 
of course, I will insert in the subtitles a link to your profile and to the packages used.


Yes.  They are released under CC0 public domain.

Is a subtitle design from level one

Hi, love the models. I'm artistically interested in the textures, where I can find similar ones? 

I used Assetforge to apply the textures


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AssetForge is great but my experience with it would not be the same without the amazing assets made by Keith. I hope other people start working with/for AssetForge as it is an amazing prototyping tool for Indies.

Anyway keep up the good work, these assets are awesome!


Awesome! Can't wait to use these in my projects.

Big thanks!